Designer Decoded – Fendi SS19

Fendi might be on the right track for a giant jump in sales with all the rain Nashville, Tennessee has seen the last few days. The most recent collection for SS19 has a number of transparent vinyl parkas with big utility pockets & a few neoprene skirts embossed with the Fendi logo.

The cyclist shorts and seemingly similar sports bra style of top underneath insinuates a TRON vibe. Which, to hit you with even more science & tech trivia, those costumes for the movie & game were meant to look like a circuit board.


If you are unfamiliar with neoprene fabric (also known as polychloroprene or pc-rubber) it was originally invented by scientists at DuPont in 1930.  The most popular & well-known use of the fabric has been for wet-suits.  With the advent of new technologies, the fabric has been used most recently in laptop covers for its good chemical stability & wide temperature range — not to mention it’s waterproof.

Enough about chemistry though…I wanted to focus on the prints this time.

I spy rose-breasted, Moluccan, & white cockatoos paired with a variety of florals.

What do you see?


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