Iroquois Steeplechase 2019

Overcast skies and a little chill started the day for the Iroquois Steeplechase this year. Despite the rain (which really wasn’t that big of a nuisance), the turnout was rather fabulous. (Sometimes I like the excuse to have to break out the cute little rain boots.)

This year I broke a little self-imposed rule I have for my Steeplechase look. I don’t like to wear red or black to the Steeplechase. For whatever reason, I just associate those colors more with the Kentucky Derby and like to see our Steeplechase with a pastel pallet.

I’ll be perfectly honest with you, this year Steeplechase snuck up on me. I had been gone for almost all of April due to travel/vacation, so I really pulled this one together at the last possible moment –even adding the roses and soft grey feathers to my fascinator the morning of the event.  (Procrastination for the win this go around!)

This year’s dress was a piece I actually picked up from Buffalo Exchange. I’ve been shopping there more the last year to try to limit my carbon footprint a bit. The store has certainly become one of my favorite places to shop.

If you’ve followed my blog the last few years, you’ll notice I tend to just keep these fashion coverage articles pretty short and sweet, so to keep up with tradition, here’s what I really want to share: The photos of the attendees.

If you happen to use a photo, please credit the photographer Chuck Arlund – @chuckarlund on Instagram and @DNA_Stylix

Special thanks again to the Iroquois Steeplechase for having me and to Chuck for covering the event for me. I can’t wait to see the film photos once they are developed! (Pop over to my Instagram to see more of those when they are ready)

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