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Fashion Meets Technology – Ralph Lauren SS15


noun: hologram; plural noun: holograms
  1. a three-dimensional image formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other coherent light source.
  2. a photograph of an interference pattern that, when suitably illuminated, produces a three-dimensional image.


I wrote a three-part article last year that featured the use of holographic fabric in fashion. Click the images below to read those articles. This SS2015, there were a number of designers using the holographic fabric again which I will feature in the next article. 

unknown1 yn5v-mag

 When I think of Ralph Lauren, I think of timeless classic designs. Lauren isn’t being featured on DNA Stylix this time for his clothing, but rather his ingenious use of forefront technology. The designer gathered all of his runway show guests to Central Park to view a 60ft water screen 4D holographic runway show. Lauren partnered with MPC Creative to see his vision come to life.

“I really wanted to do something big for the new Polo Women’s brand – something set in the city — that felt modern. We returned to Central Park, a place I love, and captured the spirit of Polo with a truly innovative mix of fashion and technology,” said Ralph Lauren.

MPC Creative embodied his vision well. 

Via,  “At the helm, Creative Director David Estis of MPC Creative led a large team of MPC artists to create flawless transitions and design the rich visual narrative complete with fully CG cityscapes, artful storefronts, cobblestone streets lined with quaint brownstones and charming parks. From augmented CG set extensions such as the majestic Brooklyn Bridge, to elaborate layers of matte paintings, all told, the film consists of over 13,000 frames. Ralph Lauren SVP Creative Director Amir Mohammady and VP of Interactive Design Yong Choe worked closely with MPC under one roof at the MPC NYC studio, maximizing their collaborative creative efforts.”

The holographic video features models wearing SS15 designs as they walk through different cityscapes. Watch the video below to view the show in motion.

Hologram Video Credits:

  • Production Company MPC Creative
  • Creative Director David Estis
  • Executive Producer Tim Dillon
  • Producer Adele Major
  • Managing Director Justin Brukman
  • SVP Marketing, Advertising and Corporate Communications, Ralph Lauren David Lauren
  • SVP Creative Director, Ralph Lauren Amir Mohammady
  • VP of Interactive Design, Ralph Lauren Yong Choe
  • Digital Creative Operations Director, Ralph Lauren Alexandra Scebold
  • VP Global Marketing, Ralph Lauren Carey Krug
  • Head of 3D/VFX Supervisor Vicky Osborn
  • VFX Supervisor/2D Lead Alex Harding
  • 3D Team Ian Brauner, Jean Choi, Scott Denton, Susie Hong, Irene Kim-Ahiska, Christina Ku, Michael Lampe, Patrick McAvena, Garrett Norlin, Isaiah Palmer
  • 2D Team Leslie Chung, Brian Houlihan, John Mangia, Tommy Smith
  • Design Team Andrew Montague, Theo Daley, Kim Dulaney
  • Grade MPC NYC
  • Colorists James Tillett, Adrian Seery
  • Editor Billy Sacdalan
  • Film Editors Michael Bell, Nathan Byrne, Shawn Harrison, Kyle Mumford


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