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In Full Cry – Focus on Red Fox

In Full Cry
.The Red Fox.
This beautiful creature is perhaps one of our favorite animals here at DNA Stylix. The animal is featured in folklore as being illusive and cunning. It is best well known for it’s striking auburn fur and bushy tail – tipped at the end with white fur. Long hunted in Europe for centuries, this animal is now protected. Fox hunting still occurs, but they cannot kill the fox.
This makes our biologist heart happy.
The animal did not escape the fashion industry, however. It’s soft fur is used in numerous fashion pieces from hats to full coats.
This is where fashion gets to be mixed in opinions (the use of real fur or not).
Micheal Kors is selling a “Brewster Fox-Tail Hangtag” on Neiman Marcus‘ website this season.
This is where we warn everyone to “read the fine print”.
This is actually made from coyote fur.
We happened to see a girl with one of these attached to her purse when we were on Vanderbilt University’s campus.
Needless to say, just be wary of where you use this item if you choose to buy it. The purse dangled so close to her hip that when standing, the girl looked like she had a tail.
~Fashion oops~
Click the images below the main collage to find pricing and where to buy.
Happy Shopping!
PS. “In Full Cry” is actually a fox hunting term used to describe the sound of the hounds. It is the moment in which all the hounds bark in unison when on the trail of a fox.

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