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Animal Instinct – Focus on Fall Sweaters

The over-sized sweatshirt or “boyfriend sweater” has been a staple for comfortable fall fashion for a number of years. It is a simple look that can be quite fashionable with just a few accessories.
Find a fitted legging or skinny jean and pair it with boots or booties.
The over-sized nature of the sweater gives a slimming illusion to one’s legs.
Super plus!
Lately, the trend we are seeing here at DNA Stylix is the use of animal graphics. The trend isn’t necessarily to take it to a cartoon level, but to stay with a more realistic approach for many of today’s designs.
Animal Instinct
Our favorite in this set is the Warehouse wolf sweater.
However, our favorite animal this season is the ever illusive and witty fox.
We’ll focus more on this amazing animal in the next post.
Happy shopping!

4 thoughts on “Animal Instinct – Focus on Fall Sweaters

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