Designer Decoded – Chanel FW17

Chanels FW2017 #chanelgroundcontrol has managed to launch me out of ‘writing retirement’. All it took was an obnoxiously large replica of a NASA shuttle in the middle of Lagerfeld’s runway at Le Grand Palais in Paris to burn my fashion rockets and launch me back into something that I had lost passion. Throw in some ‘thermal blanket’ capes, X-Ray inspired Astronaut imagery, and skirts that mimic the starry night sky and I’m one happy little fashion nerd. It’s not the first time I’ve seen the ‘thermal blanket’ concept used on the runway – Gareth Pugh took the concept to his entire line in FW2014 –see my article HERE. Most of my writing for this website isn’t as scientifically straightforward, but this time I’ll let the shuttle and astronauts do the talking.

Images Vogue Runway

Shiny objects are no stranger to the runways. Silver boots made a huge debut for FW17 at Saint Laurent last week. I once read an article a few years ago that attempted to explain the psychological reason why the human species seems to be drawn to ‘shiny things’. Their reasoning was rather insightful, citing the first human need of finding water to be the reason. For example, the shine of the sun as the light bounces off the water – one reason why we may love diamonds.

One thing remains true, Lagerfeld can and will put on a show. Makes me miss the Alexander McQueen days a bit more as I can only imagine what he would have done with a rocket in the middle of a stage, much less the designs. But then, Sarah Burton did just send this shiny moon dress down the runway for FW2016 proving that Astronomy will forever be an influence to fashion.


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