Designer Decoded: Christopher Raeburn

It’s Shark Week for Christopher Raeburn’s Fall 2015 Menswear collection

This morning I began looking through the Menswear lines. I have recently started styling more male musicians, so I like to stay in the know. It has also helped me trend cast for women’s lines since the two seem to somewhat coincide.

Raeburn’s FW15 collection continued with his usual design concept – SURVIVAL. It makes sense that I would find an Ocean theme with this collection (I believe the collection title was RAFT).  The theme made its mark with references of a thermal protective suit used by sailors in frigid temperatures and sharks. The pool rafts came to mind as influence for some of his inflatable coats. Or they could simply be the inflatable emergency rafts used at sea.


IMG_6213 KIM_1318 KIM_1348

I can’t quite put my finger on the brown/black print used in a few of the below images. It is possible that it could be influenced by cut wood that may be used to build an old ship or if we are to continue the “raft’ theme —well, a wooden raft. You have to be able to escape that deserted island somehow, right? What do you think?


You have to look closely, but the print on the image below is of shark teethKIM_1517 KIM_1563

Visit more of Raeburn’s work at his website HERE

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