Future of Fashion: Wearable Technology II

Previously in my last article I spoke about wearable technology. I mentioned that this article would be more about functional wearable technology. Let me explain.

So, we each no doubt have a number of technical items at our disposal, iPad, iPhone, headphones, laptop, iPod, etc. You get the idea. We are in need of organization. Some designers are taking into account how ‘cluttered’ our technology based lives have become and are including extra pockets and storage to handle our extra tech. For example, my friend Viktor Luna surprised me with his newest SS2015 collection. He incorporated a pocket on the back of his leather jacket that is large enough to accommodate an iPad.



I can’t wait to share the rest of his collection with you. He is right on trend for SS2015 with iridescence and holographic fabric. It’s a very futuristic collection. My next article will feature his SS2015 line.

On to the next wearable technology of Alexander Wang. I consider this to be more ‘utility-based’ designs but they have their purpose and function. He started this concept last fall with a number of his accessories and outerwear really playing to the overcomplicated lives of his consumers. His use and focus was accessibility. Snap pockets were irrevocably situated in reachable locations at the front panels of the coats and on the outsides of the purses. The pocket sizes delineating Moleskin notebooks, smartphones, lipstick, and lighters. I could easily write another hi-tech fashion article about the rest of his collection and I will. It included thermoreactive leather fabric, another scientific-based concept in fashion.


Fendi just continued the utility vibe with their SS2015 collection as well.

Fendi on DNA Stylix

Gyo Kim and Yuni Choe are designers behind the label GYO YUNI KIMCHOE. They have also enhanced their SS2015 designs with utility pockets.  Their collection was titled, “Weed Gardner Corps.”

images via

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