Future of Fashion: Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is becoming a staple in the fashion industry and designers are smart to get involved. The phrase “wearable technology” or “wearable tech,” envelops a wide variety of categories depending on the focus.

Computer Based Wearable Tech:

Designers create wearable items like bracelets & necklaces that are in a sense ‘mini-computers.’  Apple iWatch (due to release early next year) and the yet to be released Samsung Gear VR goggles (also due to release next year) are examples.

Fabric Based Wearable Tech:

Designers focus on infusing technology within the garment or garment’s fabric.  I featured this type of wearable tech in my last article. See it HERE.

photo 2

  Functional Wearable Tech is one other category which I will explain further in my next article. 

Companies like Samsung, Apple, and Google are realizing that you can’t have this amazing technology without making it stylish. So, many of these companies are turning to designers for help. Partnerships are forming frequently like Tory Burch and Fitbit. If you’ve never heard of Fitbit, it’s ok. I’ll explain. Fitbit is a company geared towards wearable items used to track your health. Fitbit tracks your steps, distance, and calories burned with either a necklace or a bracelet. Future competition may be found in the Samsung Gear 2 that I tested out at MBFW and of course the Apple iWatch.

You have to buy the “Flex” separately from the Tory Burch pieces that enhance it. The Flex is around $100.00 and the Tory Burch pieces vary in price based on the style that you choose.


Fitbit Flex


Another partnership emerged this past spring between Google Glass and Diane von Furstenberg. Watch the video below.

This is just the beginning of wearable technology. I’ll focus on functional wearable tech in the next article.

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