Designer Decoded – Frankie Morello

Make Art Not War

Antonioni’s Zabriskie Point, “Make Art Not War” is the motto used by Frankie Morello to inspire the SS2015 collection. The motto is visually printed on a few of the pieces of the collection, where the rest of the inspiration is a little more subtle (if you can call an explosion print subtle). Prints of newspaper and news features are incorporated into the designs. The designers wanted the viewer to see the collection as the way the “TV broadcasters distort the real news”.

They also wanted us to create instead of conform.

 The collection features printed neoprene, silk, and silk organza with the overall color theme dark blue and orange. Printed neoprene seems to be the fabric of choice lately for a number of houses. One designer that tends to love the fabric is Clover Canyon. I wore a printed neoprene dress to the Schermerhorn Symphony runway show this past April. It’s a forgiving fabric in that you can cut it without having to sew the edges, moldable and somewhat stretchy. In case you are wondering, it’s the fabric used to make scuba diving suits and rash rashguards for surfing. My guess is that this fabric has quite a bit of longevity still in the fashion industry.

Frankie Morello m RS15 0977 Frankie Morello m RS15 0964 Frankie Morello m RS15 0957 Frankie Morello m RS15 0943 Frankie Morello m RS15 0936 Frankie Morello m RS15 0922 Frankie Morello m RS15 0902 Frankie Morello m RS15 0894 Frankie Morello m RS15 0867 Frankie Morello m RS15 0804 Frankie Morello m RS15 0740 Frankie Morello m RS15 0599 Frankie Morello m RS15 0608 Frankie Morello m RS15 0593

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