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Designer Decoded: Vernissage

Bugs have always influenced fashion, stemming all the way back to the Napoleon era. Have you ever heard of Napoleon’s bees? Designers that quickly come to mind that have included insects in their designs are Alexander McQueen, Valentino (you will see tons of butterflies this fall), Vera Wang, and Damien Hirst’s collaboration with Prada. Click the pictures below for a few articles that DNA Stylix has featured with an entomology theme:

Prada Damien








Designer Decoded: Vernissage

Via,  “The first Vernissage collection born in 2007 unique jewels in precious metals – each one custom made and unique – tells about insects camouflaged between leaves and twigs stuck in the tentacled branches of the trees, of small flying dragonflies and animals frozen on candid roses as they stopped and drank the morning dew. Diamonds in nuances from grey to black and the use of pink, yellow and burnished gold create a suggestion of ancient times, of lost beauty.”

9-ART-02-gold_silver-Anomma-ants-ring-with-diamonds-and-amethysts laboratorium-collection-ART-24-silver-dead-nature-bracelet-gold-with-diamonds-and-amethysts



albino_imperial_moth_necklace_sfondo vernissage_art_112ei_albino_imperial_moth_simple_ring_foto1 2low 50152955el_14_f art_brass_4_-_vernissage_ring_varc_1 50152947jj_14_f art_brass_7_-_vernissage_imperial_moths_bracelet_2


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