Damien Hirst + Hoorsenbuhs

This morning I was gathering up my new prints to hang in my office. I’ve been so busy that they have just now made it into frames. DNA Stylix has somewhat taken a backseat to styling and prepping for fashion week. I’ll be heading back to New York again this September to attend the shows and presentations. This past week has been an interesting experience as well. I assisted on a really amazing editorial shot right here in Nashville, TN.  I unfortunately am under a confidentiality contract until the issue releases, so I guess you will just have to wait and read the posted article that I’ll write to accompany it.

Just know that it was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to share it with my readers. Look for the article this fall.

The above prints are some of my favorites finds. The entomology print and the anatomy print came from a really fun store based here in Nashville called Old Made Good. It’s owned by two saucy, awesome ladies that create, cultivate, and find really fun treasures. If you are ever in town, go check them out.

Now, the print in the front that looks like a cathedral rose window is called Idolatry. It is a limited edition print by Damien Hirst that I received as a gift this past Christmas. I went to his new online store Other Criteria this morning to see his new work. (He has since opened up a physical store in New York that I’ll be stopping by when I’m in town.)  Hirst has been featured a few times before on DNA Stylix since he is so heavily influenced by anatomy and nature. He also has an aptitude for partnering with awesome designers – Alexander McQueen, PRADA, The Row

Back in March I saw a ring featured on a page in Harper’s Bazaar and forgot all about it until this morning while looking at his new work. His newest collaboration is with Hoorsenbuhs to create The Cathedral Collection. It’s a merger of fine jewelry with Hirst’s notorious pills and medical symbology.  (The pills were used on backpacks in the collaboration with The Row.)

vogue hirst hoorsenbuhs

Harper’s Bazaar-  Hoorsenbuhs + Hirst

Via Harper’s Bazaar UK- “Both items are limited to 25 each and come stamped and numbered. As for the pricing they are sky high, the Pill Ring has a price tag of £18,000 (approx. $28,000) while the Prozac branded Pill Necklace is listed for £43,200 (approx. $68,000).”

Hirst hirstrosary-msc Damien-Hirst-Pill-Rosary-1-e1405651659814-1

Images Harper's Bazaar See their online article HERE



Vicodin -(Mixture of acetaminophen and hydrocodone) is used to relieve moderate to severe pain.

Valium – first marketed as Valium, now known as Diazepam. Used to treat anxiety disorders, alcohol withdrawal symptoms, or muscle spasms.

pfizer’s Viagra -Sildenafil citrate – used to treat impotency.

Xanax – Alprazolam – Used to treat anxiety, panic disorder.

Dilantin – used in the treatment of seizures & epilepsy.

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