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Tesler+Mendelovitch = Wooden Clutches

I’ve always been intrigued by how many wonderful designers utilize the beauty of nature and the science of architecture when creating their designs. Wood grain is one of my favorite mediums being used in art, home decor, and fashion.

One such design team utilizing the beauty of nature is Tesler+Mendelovitch. They are based in Tel – Aviv, Israel. These clever designers painstakingly hand select the wood and grain patterns to create these clutches.  The outer 3D geometric design allows for necessary flexibility while the surface remains smooth, a technique in which they have appropriately dubbed ‘wood skin’. The inside liner is made of 100% hide. These innovative clutches are works of art!  My biologist heart would like to see them use vegan leather, though. 

ebony-1 african americano emboya creme


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