Home Furnishings

Interior Design Art by Anna-Wili Highfield

Fashion is our main focus here at DNA Stylix, but every once in awhile we like to focus on other types of design. In this case, we wanted to share an artist that creates beautiful sculptures inspired by nature.

The commissioned works of Anna-Wili Highfield are truly mesmerizing.

“Anna-Wili’s sculptures are stitched together from archival cotton rag. Her works explore the organic qualities and resistance of paper, generating a tension between the complex realism of form and the limitations and economy of the materials used. They represent animal life in an immediate way that conveys the energy, movement and physical character of different creatures. Her aim is to engineer a moment of contact with nature in a way that emphasises both the startling differences and similarities of human and animal forms and consciousness.”

If you are unable to commission one of these beautiful pieces for your home, you can purchase a print instead.

[Images Anna-Wili Highfield.com]

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