Designer Decoded – Blake Hyland

We found Australian born designer Blake Hyland while searching for new menswear designers. We didn’t expect to find a science influence, but upon further investigation, Hyland enjoys enhancing his designs with natural elements.

His accessories are where he takes nature and turns it into works of wearable art. One slightly shocking detail is that he likes to use teeth. We’ve covered other jewelry designers using teeth as influence – see our article Show Me Your Teeth.

Hyland adapted his teeth influenced accessories to include cuffs. He also chose to create wallet chains from authentic snake skeletons. We personally would love to see the snake skeleton turned into a necklace or ‘headband’.

His accessories also include a bear claw ring, carp leather wallet, and jawbone pendants.

shop-01 shop-03 shop-04 shop-08 shop-09 shop-10

Visit his website HERE to shop.

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