Announcement from DNA STYLIX

Hello to all our awesome readers!! We have a special announcement! This Thursday, DNA Stylix will be 1 year old! After starting this website, we’ve grown in ways we never imagined. We were so blessed to attend and cover Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. (We still have a number of articles to write from our experience, like our article featuring the 3D printed designs of ThreeASFOUR.) We have met and worked with a number of amazing people.
With growth comes a new chapter. We are switching website platforms from WordPress to Squarespace over the next two weeks. (We are setting a tentative date of November 1st for the launch.)
Our website will still be http://www.DNAstylix.com. In the transition, we may lose a few of our awesome followers that receive emails from us each time we post. Please make sure to visit the website in the next two weeks to sign up again if we happen to lose you! We hope we don’t!
What can you expect from the new website? It will be more visually friendly. Since a number of our articles require diagrams and/or inspirational images, we needed a better layout where we could have more control of how we present our content. The new website will also feature more of our wardrobe styling. The article content will still remain science based. We also will be introducing our newest contributor –Alexa.
We appreciate all that read our work and we hope that you will continue to follow us as we grow even more in the next year.
Thanks so much!

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