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A number of months ago we wrote an article called, ‘Future of Fashion- 3D Printing.” It was the first time we featured the company Shapeways.  If you haven’t read that article, please read it before continuing on with this one.

Read it HERE.

When we were researching information on 3D Printing, we came across the line FabMe Jewelry.  The line is based out of the Netherlands, but don’t let that shy you away from ordering if you live in the United States. They design the computer rendered jewelry designs and Shapeways (which is based in New York) physically prints and ships the jewelry.

Some of the jewelry will require you to add your own chains and earring hooks. We did this when we received our jewelry and it really wasn’t that difficult or expensive. One thing that we would like to note is the Geo Spike bracelet size. The size of the bracelet runs large and will not fit someone with a small wrist. When ordering your jewelry, you can purchase the designs in different materials and colors. The cost of the piece will depend upon the material you choose to print.




FabMe Jewelry is currently running a Fund Anything Campaign. To help this designer with their campaign, go HERE

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A special thank you to Wesley!!

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