Spring Fashion

NYFW Coverage – Katie Gallagher SS2014

Katie Gallagher


Spring Summer 2014

Gallagher has been a designer we have followed for a few seasons, especially when we realized that her design technique included 3D printing collaborations. One thing we have noticed with her designs is subtle dimension. There are always elements of depth, whether it is in the fabric texture or the actual visual plane. There are usually visual breaks – for example, cuts or depressions in the fabrics and accessories. This season’s collection was a continuation of those traits.

20130914-105238.jpgGuests lined up outside The Raven in the Meatpacking District of NYC on September 10th. Knowing Gallagher’s seemingly poetic and moody but neutral esthetic, The Raven was a perfect choice. (The venue itself is named for Edgar Allen Poe’s Gothic masterpiece.)

As we entered the space we were greeted by  spiral stairs. We made our way into the focal area of the presentation where the models were closely lined up against the venue’s wall. Statuesque models were posed on white block pedestals while others were situated on the rose petal covered floor.

Image DNA Stylix

The line’s inspiration was the German industrial band Einstürzende Neubauten’s song “Blume,” about a woman saying she will be an array of different flowers for what we assume is the one she loves. Each look in the collection was named after one: Chrysanthemum, Peony, Marigold, Black Dahlia, etc.

Our eyes were drawn to a light-to-dark spectrum of pink-nude to black fabric. A deep story could easily be formulated about the arrangement. Our favorite observation was the ‘lightest’ model had the most tattoos –which were pretty fabulous. (She had a heart tattoo right in the middle of her chest that had the arteries and veins growing outward like ivy.)


Image Style.com

The makeup and hair was simple but edgy and managed to retain a beautiful quality.  She had the models’ eyes lined with black liner and kept an overall neutral palette. It is similar to a makeup style we have seen Gallagher wear herself.

The collection itself remained minimalistic with a sporty vibe. The crop tops resembled backward sports bras and the few jackets she incorporated into the collection would easily work on the track.  We enjoyed the layering appeal of the lighter pieces.

The swimsuits she designed included subtle, sporadic cuts similar to the ‘coral’ cutouts in her previous collections. The nude swimsuit reminded us of peeling skin. (We don’t mean to gross you out, but this blog’s backbone (tee-hee) is science, and we feature Anatomy/Physiology as influence regularly.) Continuing on, Gallagher added ‘floral’ pieces to the garments –leaving the edges raw.

Guests enjoyed drinks and conversation. We met several people at the presentation. One person we enjoyed was a sweet fashion and style journalist named Blaire. Check out her website : HERE

It was a wonderful opportunity to be at Gallagher’s presentation and we are honored to cover the event.

A special thank you to Katie and Chesley at ONE PRN.Y.

See more of her work HERE

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