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Trend – Iridescence Part 1


/ˌɪrɪˈdɛsənt/ [ir-i-des-uhnt] adjective

1. displaying a play of lustrous colors like those of the rainbow.

We aren’t going to bore you with the description of how iridescence works…we mostly want to inform those in the fashion community that there is a slight difference between iridescence and holograms.

Iridescent items tend to be in more of the green family while holograms tend to have a silver or gold underlay.

Holograms tend to have the speckled silver pieces throughout as well.

(Hope that makes sense.)

Hopefully, after reading this article and the last few released on holograms, you will be able to pick out the correct description yourself.

See those articles HERE and HERE.

Found throughout nature, iridescent properties dominate the insect kingdom.


Image source unknown. Sorry!

Now to the iridescent fashion!!

Here are some FW 2013 accessories from jewelry designer

Joomi Lim

She featured spikes in her designs to incorportate the punk movement we expect to see this fall.


Images Joomi

More various designers using iridescence:

tearsheet blumarine


So to review.


blumarine bootiestella mccartney2hologram dress


This wil lead into our next article, which will feature ‘oil spill’ inspired fashion.

Happy Shopping!

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