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Liquid Metal

 Liquid metal by definition just really means that a metal has a low melting temperature. Like lead, mercury, and tin.

Mercury for example is liquid at room temperature.

Even though it is highly toxic, mercury is still a prominent fixture in barometers, thermometers (though being cycled out due to its toxicity), and fluorescent light bulbs.

Recently, Elle Magazine released these two pages in their August 2013 magazine.

We thought it might be perfect timing to finally release this article we’ve been wanting to write for some time now.

Here’s a collection of a few images we found through Pinterest that fit the liquid metal theme.

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We expect to see plenty of ‘metals’ this fall hitting the streets.

Make sure you add at least one or two glitzy items to your wardrobe.

We vote gold to be the best choice for Fall 2013.

Happy Shopping!

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