Designer Decoded – Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane Resort 2014

Kane has had a science influence for a few years.

He is even quoted on as having said, “I love science.”

(Our hearts just fluttered.)

Have you seen this guy? He’s so cute.


Most recently, his inspirations are technology based computer graphics.

More specifically, 3D Mesh Topology.



This technique is also called polygonal modeling.

In a science nutshell, it is an approach for modeling objects by approximating their surfaces using polygons.



Computer programmers are then able to render an image.

3D printing is becoming all the rage and Kane has harnessed the 3D images on shirts and dresses.

See our 3D Printing article HERE.


Female mesh images from

Christopher managed to duplicate the mesh images with lace.

This doesn’t look like it was too easy to master.

Here he tackled a 3D rendering of a flower.

Christopher Kane set1

Christopher Kane set2


We enjoyed the cage accents to the above designs.

Get ready to see a lot of “caging” in future seasons.

aka the black ‘cutout’ type accents.

It is most notable in jewelry right now.

Like in this necklace we wore the other day:

geometric jewelry

 We’ll write a full article featuring 3D cage jewelry in a future article.

Happy Shopping!

All Christopher Kane images

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