Show Me Your Teeth


Teeth have been in fashion in the form of shark teeth for quite a while, but take a peek at a different type of ‘grill‘.


Human Teeth



The jewelry above (& photos) are from Australian designer Polly van der Glas

She has been ‘recycling’ hair, teeth, and fingernails since 2005.

Check out more of her work HERE

New York jewelry designer Regina Kim has shark teeth and boar teeth in her repertoire along with a human dental impression.


More of her work can be seen HERE

Or, one more ring sold by OLDgOLD Boutique.

This ring is $42.

If jewelry isn’t your thing – how about a t-shirt?


Marc Quinn

Marc Quinn


Or a little art?

Artists like Mariana Fantich and Dominic Young  have embraced the tooth in a different way.


Take a look at more of their art HERE

Would you wear human teeth?

If so,

Happy Shopping

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