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Armor Influence in Editorials



Amato Couture embracing Roman Armor

For as long as there have been humans on this Earth, there have been quarrels and wars.

The 1st line of defense in a fight is your own skill and when that fails, you are left with your skin.

History dramas like Camelot (no longer on the air), Spartacus and Game of Thrones might be inspiring some designers.

Just like Downton Abbey has us scampering about searching for Victorian treasures like top hats and corsets.

Designers like Gareth Pugh and Amato Couture have recently embraced fashion armor.

This armor isn’t necessarily steel in nature but leather, tufted fabrics, chains, plastics, beading, and geometric shapes.

Designers are further empowering women in a very visual way.

Here’s a brief history/art course on medieval armor:




Gareth Pugh


ZINK Editorial4


Gareth Pugh




W Mag Sept 2012

Dame of Thrones W Mag Editorial Sept 2012 – inspired by Game of Thrones

More images from the Dame of Thrones W Mag editorial:


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We will focus on armor influenced runway designs in our next post.

Till then,

Happy Shopping!

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