Medicine – Damien Hirst Collab with The Row


Damien Hirst

has long been a favorite artist of ours here at DNA Stylix. We of course love his use of jewels and his seemingly perpetual love for medicine.

Recently, the artist collaborated with 2012 CFDA Award winner The Row, to produce a set of 9 crocodile backpacks with a limited edition of 12.

They both have collaborated with Just One Eye, a new retail and e-commerce experience, striving to promote established designers alongside groundbreaking young creatives.

The collaboration of these two creatives is definitely a molding of two different spectrum. Art has always gone hand-in-hand with fashion, and to visually watch the two build off of each other is just what we like to see.

Inspiration from everything, remember?

damien 6

damien2 damien4 Damien1



Each one of these purses will run you $55,000.

A surgeon friend of ours made the comment, “the pills just better not be generic.”

Shop all 9 bags HERE.

Happy Shopping.

2 thoughts on “Medicine – Damien Hirst Collab with The Row

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