Geometry (Lattice) Influence


The pesky little mathematics class most all of us had to endure at one point or another.  It is the branch of mathematics responsible for shape, size, relative position, length, and volume. Without it, your house would not have been built, NASA wouldn’t know what to do with themselves, and the clothes that you are currently wearing would be just a drape held together with a rope. Angles, shapes, and curves are all key to pattern-making.

Some designers like to step outside of the usual 2D box and take a more 3D approach.

John Paul Gaultier

presented a few lattice-work pieces for his SS13.


Designer Kunihiko Morinaga of Anrealage

presented a dramatic collection at Tokyo Fashion Week that was seemingly influenced by structured art deco forms. The 3D appearance of the garments was captured by layering laser cut, flattened crinoline over a somewhat simple under-layer; a very nice lattice effect.

Adding to the elaborate nature of the collection- some of it was shown in the dark. Yes, the designs below are black-light responsive

How can you not be intrigued by glow-in-the-dark neon color and geometrically shaped headpieces.

We aren’t too wild about the solid black faces painted on the models – ironically, we think it actually distracts from the clothes.


This is one runway show that you actually have to watch. The images above take on a whole new look and feel when you see them move the way the designer intended.

Rave party, anyone?


We are fans of the black blazer and grey coat. They seem to be the pieces we could see ourselves actually wearing.

Sorry, Anrealage.


We aren’t going to be running out to buy the next hot blue dress from your collection.

We imagine sitting in these would be similar to having your 1800’s hoop skirt pop up near your head. (Stiffness is still pending a touch-test.)

The daily function of it doesn’t really seem to fit the average woman, but we can see Lady Gaga eating this one up with a fashion spoon.

Or Katy Perry. Does she have blue or purple hair now?

Either way, Kunihiko can no doubt come up with a color to match.

Happy Shopping.

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