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Skull Influence

Happy Halloween!!!
Skull Influence

Skull Influence by dnastylix

The Skull. This wonderful piece of bone is made up of two parts. The neurocranium and the viscerocranium. Without it, your brain would slosh around like goldfish in a fishbowl.
Not a pretty sight.
One of the most notable designers that uses a skull has been Alexander McQueen.

Alexander and the skull

It isn’t our intent here at DNA Stylix to continually pull from Alexander McQueen’s line, but he (and of course now she) is the prime example of fashion harnessing the wonderful world of science, medicine, and technology.   In the past, everything from robots painting models to butterflies and deep sea/space have been influence.

Natural elements have always been key- the use of animals and earthy elements like bone.

Maybe this is one reason we “relate” to the designs even though they may be so wild in concept?

Science, if you haven’t noticed, is in everything.

You like it whether you realize it or not.

~Happy Shopping~

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