Hello from DNA Stylix

For the first entry in our blog, we would like to describe our purpose. You can get a general idea about us in our “About” section, but we wanted to reiterate our purpose further.

The art of influence is ever strong through social media and exposure. Our goal is to take that influence and expose it to the masses. Designers are constantly pulling from every day objects and experiences to design their collections. One of the first things bloggers ask is, “What inspired your collection?”  Rodarte for instance, drew influence from horror movies for one of their collections.  Our goal is to seek out the underlying correlations with science – to go deeper than just describing where to find an item or how much it costs. Math is a foundation in practically everything – from pattern making to jewelry.  Chemistry is key in the dying of fabrics and the fabrication of synthetics. Designs are inspired by everything from medicine to Astronomy.  Even nature is a rather popular choice as of late. Owls and foxes are seen on everything from sweaters to napkin rings. We hope to bring you a deeper understanding and appreciation of not only the wonderful world of fashion, but to the amazing and limitless world of science.

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