Black Milk Clothing – Focus on Astronomy

Oh, Black Milk Clothing. We could spend days on articles for this company, and we probably will. They are the spandex world of everything that this blog is trying to capture: Medicine, Astronomy, Nature, Architecture.

You name it. Swimsuits, dresses, leggings, and even suspenders.

This Australian brand has a wonderful following. Online only based ordering allows them to be accessible from everywhere that allows a mouse click. No physical stores here. Which, honestly, we aren’t complaining since all techies know, web is the way to go.

Now, granted, this company certainly has a demographic aimed at hipster teens and a few brave adults that like to think outside the box. We like them for the creative niche that they encompass. It is certainly working for them.

More science to the masses the better, so here’s your daily dose of Astronomy.


Swimsuits from Black Milk will cost you around $100.00 USD. Leggings around $80.00 USD. If you see something you like on the website, we highly recommend getting it the moment you see it. These items don’t stick around for very long. A number of items on the site are in limited quantities.

Look for more articles on this wonderful company in the future. They are just too much fun not to focus on again.

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